Access Computer Training's office administration courses are designed for students who want to enhance or build their essential computer skills. Mastery of one or more of the applications included in these courses can help prepare students for administrative roles from entry level to C-level admin positions.

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Find the right course for you.

All Access Computer Training courses are delivered live virtually through Microsoft Teams. Due to Covid-19, we are no longer physically in the classroom. Students will need a Windows PC, a second monitor or smart TV, and Wi-Fi.  ACT provides Microsoft 365 software for free during each course. All books, registration fees, and software are included in the course tuition.


Access Computer Training's Business Applications course is an extensive program that covers Windows, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace. It also includes ACT's professional development course, Growth Mindset.


Access Computer Training's Advanced Office Cloud Applications course covers Microsoft Cloud applications. This includes Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, OneNote, and Integrations.


Access Computer Training's Microsoft Office Fundamentals course covers the basic Microsoft 365 apps: Word, Excel, and Outlook.


Access Computer Training's Excel course is perfect for those who want to learn or relearn Microsoft Excel, which is a preferred skill for many administrative positions.

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172 hours over 16 weeks

Topics Covered Include​

  1. Windows 10

  2. File Management

  3. Word

  4. Excel

  5. PowerPoint

  6. Outlook

  7. Publisher

  8. Google Workspace

  9. Growth Mindset


Access Computer Training’s Business Applications Course is a 16-week program that provides extensive hands-on training in order to enhance skills for those seeking employment or greater proficiency in their current job.

We are committed to helping our students build a solid education that enables the student to immediately apply their newfound skills in today’s fast-paced work environment.

Access Computer Training's goal is student job placement upon course completion. This course can help students qualify for entry- to advanced-level administrative positions.

Contact us today to learn more about the course and see if you qualify for grant funding through the WIOA program. We can help you through the grant application process with your local workforce board.



32 hours over 3 weeks

Topics Covered Include

  1. Teams

  2. SharePoint

  3. OneDrive

  4. OneNote

  5. Integrations

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Understanding Cloud applications has never been more critical. Many organizations now use a remote or hybrid work environment and rely on the Cloud for consistent communication.

Level up your Microsoft skills with Access Computer Training's Advanced Office Cloud Applications course and learn the tools you need for in-office, hybrid, and remote work.

This course is designed to promote job placement.

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36 hours

Topics Covered Include

  1. Word

  2. Excel

  3. Outlook


Microsoft Office applications are the standard in professional settings. This diploma program provides the basics of Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Students will receive an introduction to word processing and learn how to format documents.

Students will receive an introduction to spreadsheets and learn about working with formulas, as well as formatting spreadsheets.

Students will receive an introduction to managing Outlook emails and calendars.

This Diploma Program is designed to enhance your computer skills and promote entry-level job placement in administration.



40 hours over 4 weeks

Topics Covered Include

  1. Spreadsheet Management

  2. Basic Formulas

  3. Filtering and Sorting Data

  4. Chart Creation

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Take Access Computer Training's Microsoft Excel course on its own or as part of the Business Applications program. This course is a deep-dive into Microsoft Excel and is designed to promote job placement.